Back to the coast

Before getting back to coast and to check out on San Francisco we have stopped in two famous national parks. In Sequoia we have climbed almost two and half kilometres and even came across snow and frost lignin up the roads. Enormous sequoia trees are proper giants with the biggest one called General Sherman ranking to be the biggest tree in the world. The whole forest looks like from the Jurassic park and is really beautiful when riddled with sunlight trying to reach the ground through the mighty trees.

The Yosemite park is something like a small Canada with its rocks, lakes and waterfalls. Getting lost there is not difficult at all especially if you are like me and have no sense of direction whatsoever. Thank god I got married. When we have been visiting it was getting already cold and nippy and some side roads and areas were already closed. Due to coming winter the most famous Yellowstone park was already closed so bit of a miss for us. The Miners In in small city of Mariposa was quiet and had a proper hot shower running which was well welcomed change. Ribs for dinner in Charles Street Diner were simply amazing and were first proper meal after good few days. Christmas decoration is already popping up,  carols are being played everywhere and I am starting to miss home.

Day after we have reached the fogy rainy San Francisco. Traffic is mental over here. The city port is big attraction due to ocean seals and co relaxing in large groups on specially for them installed pontoons along the port. They are fat and well chilled and just enjoy posing for cameras. Funny bunch this lot. Next day we are off to Alcatraz ,the most guarded prison in America. Only a handful have managed to escape and their cells are still untouched since then so you can see the holes in walls they have dug on their way towards the  freedom. Their escape was filmed years later. It is still not confirmed whether they have survived their attempt or not. On our way out we are purchasing a book written by ex-inmate William Baker who is signing our copy.

As a proper Czech tourist and ice hockey enthusiasts we have got ourselves a treat in a form of two NHL tickets to see the San Jose Sharks with Tomas Hertl battling it out against Florida Panthers with Tomas Fleishman in their ranks. Great atmosphere with every fan dressed in jersey and team colours and the whole American patriotism swept us away. 

Next two days we spent housed in Tomas ex classmate [thank you Jane] and after taking bit of a rest we set off south towards sunny Santa Barbara and Malibu. First stop in San Simeon brought back sunshine and hot weather and cost riddled with seals. They are funny to observe how they just play around and chill. Not a care in the world. Santa Barbara reminds us a bit of our home with its holidays atmosphere and relaxed atmosphere. Malibu is a completely different animal with its celebrity estates and billionaires villas overlooking ocean and amazing white sandy beaches. After about four hour drive across the LA riddled with ridiculous traffic jams we made it to San Diego and collapsed in our beds. The best zoo in USA and perhaps whole world is awaiting us tomorrow and then we are off to paradise on earth. The French Polynesia.