Beautiful Arizona

Grand Canyon simply took our breath away. Pretty much just like everyone else out there we were taken away by its depth and size. You feel so small unimportant and completely lost when standing out there on the edges. Occasionally you can spot a Colorado river carving through the rocks on the bottom of the canyon otherwise it's pretty lifeless vast of land. The end of season also means no tourists at all apart from couple of Chinese visitors. In hotel El Tovar with beautiful observatory we have dipped into some goulash which was not bad at all for being all American. Evening trip proved well worth the wait and chilling temperature. From the best vantage point the Lipan observatory we have witnessed one of the best sunsets I have ever seen. When the sun came down and the whole canyon was covered in all sorts of weird purple shadows we were once again stunned by its beauty, magnificence and utter silent nature. I wouldn't want to spend a night down there though.

After spending next two nights in Holiday Express equipped with probably the most comfy bed we have slept in so far we set off east through Arizona and scenery has starting to change yet again. This time all went red and when we have stopped in Antelope Canyon we have found a photographers paradise. Antelope Canyon is basically a collapsed cave filled with weirdly shaped and magically coloured stones and rocks. We were walking for about half an hour through the labyrinth sometimes very narrow just a few feet wide, shadow and light plays its games on the red coloured walls. Very ,very picturesque moments.

But, where are those wild horses. All of you who knows me is well aware of my horse obsession and here is the land of those mighty wild mustangs. Been dreaming about these since a little girl and now I am standing face to face with them. They are out there running wild in small herds, uncharged, free. Tomas is well patient and is stopping the car every time I spot some of them [or more likely he spots some because I can't see much at long distances] and waits for me every time until I get enough of them manage to take yet another thousands of pictures. Don't need much more in my life right now.