City of angels

After tormenting 12 hour flight with a screaming child sitting right next to us [lucky as usual when we board a long flight] we touched down in sunny LA. City is mad huge and we were well taken away by its sheer size. Fine weather was welcomed change after escaping rainy Prague. Passport and VISA control went smooth, it isn't bad to be married at all, everyone takes you kind of more seriously and officers were well friendly bunch and wished us happy honeymoon.

Hubby picked up us a ride, pearl white GMC SUV and we set off an route to Hollywood. Few hours later we have dropped dead in bed. Luckily no jet lag affected at all. Motel Hollywood City Inn is a fine place right in the middle of the city with massive bed and doughnuts for breakfast. Just wished hot water was running properly. Not a pleasant surprise after long flight.

Early morning we went to check out the famous Hollywood sign and Universal Studios where all the famous films are being shot. Rollercoaster rides are proper blast all themed as various blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, Mummy or Transformers. And just to mention a happy snap with the Shrek. Back to childhood I suppose. Afternoon stroll on the Santa Monica beach which is even better than the one in Miami and off to glam evening on Hollywood Boulevard with its famous star riddled pavement.

LA is fine city, doesn't strike me as so crime affected as they say, at least not in the areas visited by us. Just those never ending traffic jams were doing my head. 

Right, off to Palm Springs now, long haul through inner state. One good news though, my wisdom tooth is getting better for now:)