Las Vegas, baby!

The sin city will drag you in and won't let go. Impossible is nothing in Vegas. You can gamble 24/7 like there is no tomorrow, pop in for a cheap strip show or to see overpriced David Copperfield magic theatre. You can get your arse tattooed or get married by Elvis lookalike in $300 bucks wedding ceremony in Wedding Chapel [although they do close at 4 pm so no late night booze filled madness like it's shown in American films]. You can take a leap of faith from 1100 feet tall Stratosphere Tower or climb the Eifel Tower or even take a ride in gondola around Venetian hotel, or admire that massive water display in front of Bellagio Hotel. You can dance on the street like a lunatic or just drop down on a pavement and no to care about the world. You can do whatever ticks your fancy.

Las Vegas is weird place, planted in the middle of nowhere, just pops out from a sand and leaves you stand amazed. It's also kind of wrapped in some sort of weird fog or cloud of dust. During the day it is fairly calm and civilised place. The madness starts after the sun goes down. Thousands of tourists flood its streets, the Strip wakes up and the whole city is lighten up by millions of lights. If you are smart and want to get some sleep you will chose a smaller hotel few minutes away from the Strip just like we did. It is also a cheaper option. 

After few hours of well-deserved rest we set of to gamble. Strike a luck in Blackjack on first night, you lose everything just few hours later. That's just how it goes in here. Those screaming jackpot winning people being peppered by golden coins from slots are really just a Hollywood imagination. At least booze is cheap or even free sometimes when you are gambling. But you concentrate less when tipsy. Smart move from the casino management perhaps.

Highlight of our stay was a 2 hour long helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon and above Vegas itself. I was well terrified at first when I boarded that small very unstable looking hello carrying 7 exited tourists but few minutes later I have calmed down, let go off my hobby's hand I was clinging on to and was well enjoying the ride. After flying over Hoover Dam we landed right on the bottom of Grand Canyon. Sunset set upon us and the utter silence has filled the place yet again. Unforgettable moment. Mike the pilot was cool friendly chap and well in love with his job and told us that few hours earlier he whisked bride and groom down the canyon. Yes you have guessed it, for a hefty fee you can get married right down there in the middle of Grand Canyon itself. All dressed up in a proper wedding and way more original then the Elvis chapel in Vegas.

After 3 days in the circus of Las Vegas we left out in to the wild to check out the Death Valley. The lowest and the hottest place on earth where according to my smart brother, all big car manufacturers test their new models. It is a surreal place where except of few salted water ponds and a wild duck [no idea how did she got there] is nothing. Just miles of emptiness. Would not want to get stuck down here.