Cowboys of Utah

Next stop was in the area of Monument Valley where we stayed in cosy Goulding's Lodge for 2 nights. Early morning we head out to check out a local horse ranch to see about a possible ride out in the wild. Few minutes later we were riding away on two bored looking mustangs accompanied by a local cowboy/Indian rancher. All went smooth and I was well on cloud nine and Tomas, even though he is a rookie to this horse riding thing, looked fairly comfy too. All went smooth ... until my horse went loco, freaked out and shoot off like stung by a wasp with my poor hubby in tail. Normally I would get excited seeing my handsome cowboy dressed husband flying on wild mustang but this time I was petrified and praying that he will just hold on. He managed to cling on just about but from now on horse riding is just a spectators sport for him.

On the way back to the west coast we have briefly stopped in Old Paria, famous for its deep valley, coloured ridges and dangerous descents. Drive down the valley is adrenalin filled experience where the road is littered with sand and rocks and lacks any fencing or guardrail whatsoever. This time it was me who was scared shitless since I do suffer from occasional vertigo and had my eyes closed most of the time. And since we are not quite sure whether our ride is 4x4 we have made it just halfway down, gave up and bunked in nearby city of Kanab in Parry Lodge hotel build for film crews shooting western flicks in the area. City is conveniently placed between two natural parks called Bryce and Zion. For $80 you get a pass including all national parks. Well worth it.. Zion park is magnificent. Massive mountains of rocks, wild river carving through the valley and golden coloured autumn trees. True wonder.

After a full week spend in nature and out and about in parks, we are about to reach the sin city of Las Vegas. Wish us luck when we hit the tables.