Two days in desert

The Joshua Tree is a mind blowing 1 240 square miles of scorched desert full of huge weird stones and rocks and hairy Joshua trees ... and tarantulas [according to tour guides].  Well prepared we set off for 2 hour drive through the park. No hairy spiders in sight, just odd desert fox casually strolling along the road not bothered at all. When reaching Keys View vantage point, the vastness and sheer size of the place left us speechless. We must have stood there for eternity ... until cold and breeze send us packing and back down from the highlands to our palm trees and swimming pool retreat.

Palm Springs is a cool luxury hideout where Elvis or Sinatra used to chill. No surprise though, city is well placed in the middle of the desert, in the shadow of mountains and filled with casinos, luxury hotels and golf courses.  Xmas deco was starting to show off and big gay parade was about to take place. Busy days ahead for locals. After another long drive and quick stop at the Desserts Outlets [unfortunately just window shopping since out baggage is well limited] we finally arrived in our few quid a night hotel equipped with heated swimming pool and relaxed away. No complains there at all. Paradise.

Crossing from dried up Californian border into green state of Arizona was a welcomed change in scenery. 7 hour long drive was no biggie thanks to ever changing scenery outside. Tomas is enjoying his American highway driving experience. GPS set up, no crossroad, flat out straight ahead for miles and miles. And cow after cow. Still no sign of those wild horses. Sleepover in yet another hotel just a mile down from Grand Canyon. Excitement is building up ... and that large forest fire not far from our hotel is no problem at all according to one local chap. ''it's all alright'' as they say:)