Bora bora - pearl of Pacific

After 4 days on Moorea island I didn’t think there could be more on offer but when the Bora Bora islands came up on horizon we were left speechless. The reef barrier makes a perfect circle around the island, the water has all shades of blue green and turquoise and in the middle of it all is half in the mist hidden mountain Otemanu. Unreal sight. The airport is placed on a lagoon and after receiving the usual flowers necklace wrapped around our neck, we have boarded a boat and went off around the island to our hotel. After 25 minute boat trip we have reached our small paradise. Private island with a view towards the main island is owned by Sofitel Hotel and includes few bungalows, restaurant with a bar and beach. Nothing less nothing more. On the other side of our island is fantastic diving spot – Jardil coral where we spend hours diving between the corals and crazy coloured fish. I have never ever seen anything like this before. Weather is fantastic and much less windy then the Moorea island so it gets really hot. On the main island we are borrowing a raggedy mopped yet again and setting off to explore the island. The Matira beach on the south end of the island is supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Water is crystal clear and warm. Beach is completely deserted. 

Vaitape city is actually just few small buildings along the main road, post office and grocery store. And few small cute shops with local product such as pearls. They rate from a few quid up to couple grand depending on size and quality. Of course we make a wee purchase. 

right on our first day we are making friends with you couple form San Diego, they are also honeymooning and have a bungalow nearby. They are taking interest in our travels so my website is taking off. Thanks to my brother who’s working on the English language version. 


Bora Bora is so far and remote from Czech Republic that I would have never dreamed of visiting this paradise. Who would spend this crazy money and spend 20 odd hours on the plane just for a few days on the beach? I wouldn’t. But on our Around The World trip it is an amazing stop over. Chance to recharge and get some rest and see what a paradise looks like. It really is the most beautiful island on the planet and I will never ever forget that ever present sweet smell of hibiscus.