10 days in paradise

After driving well over 7500 kilometres through and through states we were really looking forward to the next stage of our trip. The French Polynesia islands of Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti. At first we have had to downsize on our bags since they were well overweight. Not easy to pack a bag for a 5 months trip let me tell you. After careful selection where I have had to give away some clothing, cosmetics and my favourite coffee we have made the weight limit and with bags packed to its limits and dressed up in countless layers of clothing we boarded the plane. 

After fairly comfy and half empty flight we have landed in Papeete , the capital city of Tahiti. Thick hot and humid air woken us up even though it was just around 7am. I just love this kind of heat. Minutes later we have boarded small local propeller plane and took off towards Moorea island where we were collected by wee yellow bus which took us to our hotel. Most of the peoples were off to the most famous and ridiculously expansive Bora Bora island but we wanted to see more then that so we have purchased an air pass and will do all three islands and see what is all that fuss about. 

The islands are true paradise. Just like see on those photographs or movies. Paradise with turquoise coloured ocean, deep green surroundings with splash of crazy colours and plants. Water bungalow with breath taking view on the ocean, bottle of vine and heart shaped flowers scattered all over the bed. ‘’Happy honeymoon’’ said a small letter left on our table. What more to wish for??

Falling asleep and listening the ocean, absolute privacy and silence.

Morning after we have borrowed raggedy moped and set of exploring the island and to see how does a pineapple grow. No seriously, they grow them over here in thousands. In Intercontinental Hotel we have checked a local reservation for a ill or weak turtles and later went off to dive  with sharks and stingrays in nearby bay.

After perhaps a fifth reassurance from our tour guide that sharks are not pets and will not cuddle I gave up and went off to chase stingrays who are very friendly and cuddly creatures. Check out the photos , you won’t believe. I have perhaps tickled a fancy of one of the big ones and he decide to be my pet for an hour or so and was playing with us in bays shallow waters. Dint fetch though. Sharks were keeping their distance but I grew bold and set of in pursuit. They are about 2 metres long and when I have realised there is about 10 of them cruising around me I have legged it back on board of our vessel sharpish. Check out the Gopro video. 


At the evening we went to celebrate and have a drink and dance with locals. Massive tropical storm set upon the island and our bungalow was barely holding on its pillars. Some experience.